Lora Martini Art


I paint using an ancient painting medium called encaustic.  Encaustic is a mixture of pure beeswax, tree sap (Dammar) and natural color pigments that are combined & melted to a liquid state - to create the unique colors you see.   

In my paintings, I focus on light reflection and textures, blending color with subjective atmosphere.  My goal is to maximize the light diffusion and reflection.  I enjoy not only the painting process and the end result, but also the chemistry that goes into making the paints, in my studio.  You can practically see the color pigments suspended in the painting medium, which allows me to convey the ethereal atmospheric qualities. The paintings are all one of a kind and the surfaces are custom constructed by my husband, made of high grade birch wood.  

The end result is a painting that delivers my own emotional experience drawn from nature and daily life. 
I aspire to invite you, the viewer on a journey that evokes an emotion that connects us to one another on a very fundamental human level.  
I hope you enjoy my painting as much as I enjoy painting them.

Lora Martini